5 Tips for Better Video Meetings

5 Tips for Better Video Meetings

April 20, 2020
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As the world shifts to a work-from-home model, conference room meetings have moved to online video-calling apps.
If you’re new to video conferencing, we’re here to help you out, here are 5 tips to help you connect with your team, clients and prospects. 

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Tip #1 | Don’t get lost in your own eyes.

Look into the camera instead of yourself or another screen. Direct eye contact with the camera will help everyone feel more engaged and present in the conversation.

Tip#2  | Reduced distractions.

Silence your phone/ desktop notifications and let the dog out back. It may help to prepare an agenda to keep everyone focused.

Tip#3  | Wear pants.

We’ve all heard the dress for success on your meetings, and although you may only be visible from the waist up. Please. Wear. Pants.

Tip#4  | Mind your surroundings.

Try to pick a spot with lighting that illuminates your face and a work appropriate background. *Try facing a window with your back to a wall, this will reduce the odds of a video-bomber.

Tip#5  | Mute & Unmute.

If you are not speaking, it is polite to mute yourself. But keep your finger near the trigger and remember to unmute when it is time to speak.

Need help joining meetings? Here are  list of the top 3 video conferencing apps and helpful instructions/troubleshooting: 


Google Meeting

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